Thursday, May 25, 2017

User Interface

For my types of UI I chose touchscreen and voice user interface (VUI). A touch screen is layered on top of an electronic visual display. This allows for input from the user in the form of touch and the output is produced by the display. VUI is the interface on a speech application and allows input solely in the form of voice. You can talk to the device and it will output an expected result. These two interfaces are similar as they are commonly found in devices such as mobile phones. Both forms also require no additional tools like a mouse to use, relying only on touch and speech. They are different because touchscreens are much easier to use and have been around for longer than VUI. VUI is still less accessible than touchscreen and is still being developed to make it more user friendly. As of now there is much you can't do with a touchscreen, that you can do with VUI. It does however let you input into the computer while hands free. 

Technology of the future could be user interfaces that would be in our brains. In the book Feed, by Matthew Anderson, humans had a computer that was operated using only the mind. With the input of thoughts, the output was seen in the eyes of the individual like a personal visual display. I don't think we are that close to achieving this level of technology anytime soon and throughout the novel it explained the negative effects it had on the world.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Net Neutrality

1. Net neutrality is the principle that internet service providers may not favor content providers and tamper with the internet speeds from certain sources. Companies such as Comcast must keep an even playing field for all sources of content.

2. Title 2 is the current law that is set in place today. It is the one that ensures all internet providers cannot show bias towards sources of content keeping the internet neutral. Title 1 was the law in place before and was less restrictive of internet providers. This would allow them to play favorites in terms of content providers.

3. The FCC is an independent government agency and they are responsible for regulating industry of radio, phone, television, and the internet. They are also required to regulate interstate communications.

4. ISP's, cable, and phone companies all want change because Title 2 prohibits them from doing things that would benefit themselves and sources of content they are associated with.

5. I could see a possible solution being to just keep Title 2 in place but amending it in order to make the collar around ISP's less tight. But as it stands there are still local monopolies in place and new/already successful have a hard time spreading into new areas.

6. The fast lane proposed change is the most worrying to me. It would mean for certain services, like Netflix, I would have to pay more and could still get slow download speeds. It gives the ISPs too much power over the content providers and the consumers.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Communication Technology

1. The cables use fiber optic technology, sending signals using light lasers.
2. Typical submarine cables are as wide as a garden hose.
3. The cables are placed underground at the seabed but when out in the deep ocean they are placed directly on the sear floor.
4. It can be measured by potential capacity is maximum and lit capacity which is the actual capacity running over the line.
5. Since cables rarely break, companies have many cables just in case one was to break they can redirect the flow over the other cables.
6. Most of the damage occurs on behalf of fishing vessels and dragging anchors, but equipment failure, sabotage, and shark bites still may occur.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

IP Addresses and DNS

1. A set of standards or rules that allows devices such as computers to properly communicate.
2. An IP Address is a unique set of number that identifies each individual device that is accessing the internet. It is organized in a hierarchy by country/network, region, sub network, and then the local device address.
3. IPV4 is 32 bits long and there is a maximum of  4 billion addresses while IPV6 is 128 bits long and has a maximum of 340 undecillion adressess.
4. Your IP Address is what identifies the device that you are using while an IP packet is the information your device sends out to other IP Addresses.
5. The DNS is the system that associates a domain name (website name) with a specific IP Address.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Everyday Algorithms

Brush one's teeth

Go to the bathroom. Grab the toothbrush. Squeeze toothpaste on the toothbrush. Brush one's teeth. If finished, spit and rinse out mouth.

Eat an orange

Go to the kitchen. Grab an orange out of the fruit bowl. Peel the orange. Pull the orange pieces apart. Eat the orange.

Cooking pancakes.

Mix the batter. Turn on the gristle. Pour the batter. If the batter is in a circle, stop pouring. Repeat until 6 pancakes have been poured. If the batter is bubbling, flip the pancakes. If the bottom of the pancakes are cooked, put them on a plate. Eat the pancakes. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Computing Innovations

The innovation that I have found impacted my life the most would be the PlayStation. This idea can be simplified into the first social video game console that allowed players to interact with other players. Being a part of a military family and moving around every couple of years the social aspect of the PlayStation truly changed my life for the better. Being able to stay in touch with friends from everywhere I go makes it feel as if I never left and they still live just down the road. I have also meet truly amazing people through PlayStation that I am proud to be friends with. It also has given me perspectives of life that I never would have without playing. Being that everyone you meet is just a voice in your headset, you don't care what gender, race, or background they are from. You only care about who they are as people which I feel is something everyone could benefit from. One downside is that playing video games can submerge you into this separate world and can sometimes eat away at your own life. It is always good to take a step back and know when it is time to take a break.

My mom said was the personal computer in replace of the typewriter. This made life for my mom so much easier and was a large contribution to my mom's college success. You could finally edit and save your writings as you worked on them and saved so much time overall. In comparison to a typewriter the only downside would be its cost, but my mom said it was well worth her investment.

Our innovations don't have much in common other than them both being computers. Gaming consoles are made for recreational use while the computer my mom used was made for the purpose of typing. Her innovation had a practical application to the real world, some may argue that video games do to but I am not going to get into that. The computer my mom used wasn't like computers today either. It was not like modern computers where you can search the internet, its only real application was typing, which still meant the world to my mom.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Soccer Scratch Code

Hit the soccer ball with the player's foot to kick it in the goal. Be careful not to miss!